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There are two places I really, really wish we could have spent more time in when we were abroad in England. One is York; we passed through on a rainy, dreary day and walked around for about an hour before calling it quits (it looked gorgeous despite the grey, cold, and wet day). The other place is Whitby.



Whitby is an old whaling town with ancient and haunting abbey ruins, perilous cliffs, wind that comes crashing in from the sea, and one of the spookiest graveyards I’ve ever seen. Bram Stoker came to Whitby and was inspired to create Dracula and set some scenes there. Some say Dracula is buried in Whitby



The day was so striking; everything looked like it had been painted perfectly on a canvas.



We snuck in the gates of the abbey and snapped some photos before we were gently told that the site was closed for the day.



And on the other side of where we entered the abbey ruins was the creepy cemetery that overlooks the sea.







It seems like no matter where you are in Whitby, the view is fantastic.






I hope I’m back in Whitby one day.