Seeing Pink

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I love when someone else’s words are so beautiful they make me pause while I soak in their meaning. This past Thursday, some unknown author gave me pause when my pastor read the Eucharistic prayer. One of the lines was something like, “You spun the starlight and rolled out the dawn.”

I also love when nature gives us pause–when we stop and have to admire something so beautiful and fully appreciate the art in front of us. [I even tried to evoke this feeling in my book (coming soon!).] Recently, my husband and I were on a walk around our neighborhood and he asked me where my camera was. The pink flowers draped in the trees above were too incredible not to capture in a photograph, so I ran back to our condo, grabbed my camera, and started snapping away.



The other pink I’m loving right now is a lip gloss by Gabriel Cosmetics. Mocha Ice is a peachy nude, but really it’s about the same pink as my lips, and I like subtle color. I’m trying to wear a little more color on my lips, as a friend and colleague told me recently it’s a crime not to accentuate the full lips I’ve been blessed with, and this lip gloss is doing it for me.



Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and happy spring to all. May your days be filled with blossoms and beauty, love and laughter.