Scenes from England

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It’s been just over a month since we returned from our Iceland and England trip, and as I wrap up the end of this summer travel series, I wanted to include a few more photos that didn’t quite fit in earlier posts but still deserved, I felt, to be included on the blog.



We were only in York for one rainy and gloomy hour, but it didn’t detract from the beauty of the location. I would love to go back to York one day and explore the historic buildings, the gorgeous gardens, and the fun shopping that’s all around town.



Up North

I haven’t been to the northern part of England since I was five years old, and I loved returning (I remember quite a bit of it despite my young age). There was so much history, beauty, and even a bit of humor (see the sign below).



I tried new ciders and, while they were sweeter than the dry ones I typically enjoy, they were good.



Thinking back on this trip, I’m surprised I didn’t have Pimm’s. I saw some at the airport that sounds scrumptious!




Ah, good old Eastbourne. I simply love this town by the sea and all of its charm and character. We didn’t spend as much time in Eastbourne as we typically do when we visit, but we still were able to enjoy it.



We discovered a new charity shop in Little Chelsea and fell in love with its romantic atmosphere.



And this guy…



…what a nut.



Foxgloves were everywhere in England: at Beamish, Hadrian’s Wall, Whitby Abbey, and Pevensey. (Foxes were everywhere, too: we saw some in Eastbourne and another one on the road somewhere I can’t recall now.) We also saw native orchids at Beamish.



I adore travel. Seeing new places, experiencing new adventures, eating new foods, and meeting new people (and animals!) are all so important in life, don’t you think?



Where’s your next adventure?