San Diego Photo Diary, September 2017

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There’s more. I meant it when I said my week had only just begun.
Thanks to the man at Salvatore’s who gave us complimentary Prosecco. Also, the harpist who played pop/rock songs, you were awesome.



A few hours of soaking in the sun, meeting new people, and enjoying cocktails in an amazing garden party:



A fire-lit reception with natural wines (no preservatives whatsoever = the best taste ever) and delicious food:



A sunset stroll to Seaport Village:



A piƱa colada at Puesto (their food is fantastic):



Dessert at Frost Me (also check out Sinfulicious for custom-made bath and body products…they smell amazing):



All the cuteness:



A site visit to Coronado:



Happy hour and my first time at a Tiki bar:



Dinner at Craft & Commerce (their food is outstanding as is the Eastern Prospector: orange chai infused bourbon, honey, and lemon):



Breakfast at Breakfast Republic:



And so ends another wonderful trip to San Diego. Until next time!