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I have something wonderful and magical to share with you.

It comes in a small bottle but it has a powerful effect. It can change your day in a moment, evoke memories, and lift your spirit.

For a very long time, I’ve been unable to wear perfume, cologne, body spray, scented creams, and hair products that were heavily fragranced. Perfume gave me a headache and made me sneeze, and mostly I didn’t care for the scents anyway. This all changed when I attended a Poesie Perfume party and was smelling scents for hours without a hint of an ache or an achoo. The perfume is oil-based and thus, in my humble opinion, superior to many of the perfumes out there.



The creator and curator of Poesie Perfume, Joelle, is a genius in my book. Her packaging is stunning. Her memory of her extensive line of scents is incredibly accurate. Her creativity in crafting unique and stunning scent combinations is unbelievable. And one thing I love most is the care she gives in naming and describing her perfumes.



Take Codename Madeleine, for example. It’s named for an Indian woman born to a royal family who served as a British spy in World War II. Say what?! You weren’t expecting a dose of history, courage, and badassery with your perfume, were you? And guess what the interesting (almost outrageous) and yet incredibly delicious combination of scents is? I’ll use Joelle’s words: Buttery, rich cookies melt into creamy blossoms of heady jasmine, sinking luxuriously only to be lifted again by a scintillating spark of cardamom.



I’m not going to lie: I went a little nuts at the perfume party. I was sniffing scents left and right and grabbing a little bowl of coffee beans to furiously cleanse my nasal palate so I could whiff more and more like the greedy, mad woman that I was.

And I left a very happy woman. I purchased several perfumes and can’t stop wearing them. Even better, I won an entire set of samples through Poesie’s Instagram, and I was able to try even more scents that I hadn’t even smelled at the party. (She has a ton of scents…there’s something for everyone! Her scent catalog doesn’t even have every single scent of hers listed…she has a new Jane Eyre-inspired line dropping on September 15.)


Elated to come home from my two-week European vacation and find these beauties waiting for me! Could not be more excited to have won @poesieperfume ‘s Damn Fine giveaway. Poesie Perfume has the most delicious and unique scents, and the best part is that I can actually wear them (most scents irritate me). I will be doing a blog post on my faves once I get through the vacay photos. Now I just need to kick this summer cold so I can actually smell all these! 😕😳 . . . #poesieperfume #indieperfume #indiebeauty #indiemade #nicheperfume #handmade #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #perfume #perfumecollection #scent #fragrance #smellsgood #artisan #indiesdoitbetter #pursuepretty #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #blogger

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So what are some of my favorites? I’m a fan of SO many of her scents, it’s hard to narrow down the list, but here’s my best go at it:

  • Damn Fine: dark coffee beans, airy vanilla, black musk, cardamom, bitter almond
  • PNW: fresh pumpkin, spicy nutmeg, clean woods, creamy coconut candy, juicy red grapefruit
  • Âme Solitaire: orchids sweetly scented of chocolate and vanilla, sharp wet leaves, damp earth
  • Secret Boyfriend: a mountain of light fluffy marshmallows, your secret boyfriend’s leather jacket, pine and cedar, a wisp of smoke
  • County Line: wild strawberries, tangles of honeysuckle in full bloom, cold lemonade, a weathered wooden swing

Something really cool you can do with these scents is layer them! Joelle jokes that I’m the layering queen, because I love trying different combinations. My top two fave right now:

  • Mädchenland (floral Pacific Rose apples, luscious yellow cake, warming spices, a delicate drizzle of caramel) + Great Northern (fresh cedarwood, ripe plum, black and pink peppercorns, warm clove)
  • Watson (lavender in bloom, apples plucked straight from the tree, sweet dried tobacco leaves, a scattering of hay, polished mahogany & rosewood) + Laura (ethereal violet, sweet basil, rain-drenched earth, balsam fir, secrets)



Remember how I said earlier there is something for everyone? I firmly believe that. And another reason to love Poesie Perfume is the fact that you can order samples of scents that sound yummy to you and try them out before committing to a larger amount. There are unisex scents as well, such as Cities in the Dust. And even though Poesie Perfume is based out of North Carolina, the perfume can be shipped throughout the U.S. and even internationally.



Something I did for fun was assign fragrances to some of my characters from The Mornings (no spoilers ahead in case you haven’t read it yet):

  • Sheryl wears Damn Fine. She’s naughty and nice, likes her coffee strong (just like her and her friends), and runs a damn good coffee shop.
  • Marissa wears Âme Solitaire when she craves a solitary walk in the woods and Watson to remember all the reasons she loves being (and finally came) home.
  • Caroline changes it up depending on her mood (just as she does when she’s baking). Frosted Hummingbird is her favorite, but she also enjoys A Thousand Warriors and Blue Highway.


I’ll end with a note about where to wear Poesie Perfume–one that Joelle mentioned on her blog:

As to where you should apply perfume oil to your body? Where you want to be kissed — just as Coco Chanel so famously said.


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    I love this so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your fragrances and that they don’t make you sneeze. :)