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Ah, Pittsburgh…the beautiful city full of bridges…

Wait, I went to Pittsburgh?

I almost forgot! Actually, I did forget until I stumbled across these photos on my computer. I was there in June for a work-related meeting and it was one of the quickest work trips I’ve ever taken. Still, the charm of Pittsburgh wasn’t lost on me, and I would love to go back and see more.

One cool thing I learned about Pittsburgh is that it has more bridges than Venice (Hamburg, Amsterdam, and New York beat Pittsburgh). That’s most of what I saw in Pittsburgh, too. Because I was in a meeting pretty much the entire trip, what I saw of the city was from the back of a cab, from morning walks from my hotel room to the meeting space, and from an evening river cruise that was part of the meeting itself (a sponsored reception).

So until I go back and see more of Pittsburgh (and have more interesting things to tell you!), here’s what we saw from our cruise: