Dover Castle

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I wasn’t feeling well the day we went to Dover Castle. I had a headache, I was tired, my throat was scratchy, and deep down I was probably sad that our vacation was coming to an end. I was set up to have a failure of a visit, but that’s not what happened.

Dover Castle is beautiful and rich with history. I learned that the rescue mission for Dunkirk was planned there (Operation Dynamo). I toured the underground tunnels where there was a hospital and military barracks. I learned that Dunkirk has miles of these tunnels underneath it.¬†We saw King Henry II’s private chapel and a medieval “dry cleaning” setup (more on that later). The castle has been standing since the 1180s, but even longer has stood a Roman lighthouse (one of the best preserved in England) that was built in AD 43.

I’m so glad I didn’t pass this chance up to visit.



Dover is a major ferry port in Kent. We actually took the ferry to France and then drove to Bruges in Belgium on another trip to England.



Remember I mentioned dry cleaning earlier? Well, the room below housed clothes that were ridden with lice and other pests. Behind the door at the back right was a toilet–er, well, a place where people relieved themselves. When the door was left open, the ammonia fumes got rid of the pests.