Carlyle House

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A Friday off from work when my British cousins were in town visiting seemed like as good a day as any to tour the Carlyle House. Located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, this Georgian manor home is like a hidden treasure…it’s easy to overlook it when you’re used to sticking to the main streets in Old Town, and at one point in its history, it was extremely easy to overlook because one of its owners built a hotel directly in front of it! Thankfully the hotel is no longer there and we can enjoy the spectacular view of the grand home.



Walking toward the house, we caught a  glimpse of the garden.



And once we started our tour, the inside of the house was just as magnificent as its exterior.



One interesting tidbit we learned is that the home served as a hospital and housing for medical staff during the Civil War. The history of the home is interesting and fascinating (for instance, the Potomac River came right up to the backyard when the land was purchased…it’s definitely not like that nowadays!).



After the tour of the home, ask to exit by way of the veranda and take your time meandering through the garden.




The grounds are a hot spot for engagement photos, and the veranda looks perfect for an intimate wedding. But you don’t need to be getting married or crashing a wedding to go visit!



We decided to cap off our visit into Old Town with a stroll down King Street and to the waterfront. Why waste a trip, right?

Autumn looks good on you, Old Town Alexandria.



Down by the water, we met a man we’d never seen before.



My cousin and I agreed he was a handsome chap.



Carlyle House only costs $5 to tour, and in my opinion it’s well worth it. Packaged with the free beauty of Old Town Alexandria that comes with your visit (if you build in time!), it’s a steal.