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I have to dedicate three blog posts to Beamish because it’s so cool (and because I took way too many photos in Beamish). What is Beamish, you ask? It’s an open air museum that transports you back in time. And while it’s a fictional town, whatever wasn’t original to the site was brought in from other sites and reconstructed (so it’s not a bunch of fake stuff lying around…you’re truly stepping into the past).

Make a day of it; the entire experience is well worth the price (£19.00 for an adult). I’ll keep my commentary short since there are so many pictures (worth much more than my words). And in the words of LeVar Burton (who else loved Reading Rainbow?), “don’t take my word for it.” Go visit if you ever venture up north in England.


The view from our old-timey double decker trolley



We ducked out of an afternoon shower to enjoy a spot of tea (mine was blackcurrant and it was fabulous). My sister treated everyone to some sort of pastry that consisted of raspberry jam and coconut on shortbread, and we made quick work of it.


Yes, that’s horse poo in the road because horses (and other farm animals) live in Beamish.



We heard a wonderful narrative from a man who was portraying a dentist. After hearing and seeing some of the horrors of dental work from that time, all I can say is that I’m glad I was born when I was! In fact, much of Beamish made me grateful for that…seeing the old equipment used to hand wash laundry, for instance, made me want to hug and kiss my modern washer and dryer (and fridge and toilet and shower…). Still, so much of the “old stuff” had its charm.



More Beamish to come!