Writing Habits, 750 Words, & Untapped Potential

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Writing Habits

Asking all writers: how do you maintain your daily writing habit? (Do you think this post doesn’t apply to you because you don’t identify as a writer? I’m hoping I can change your mind by the end…keep reading…)

I was introduced to the idea of daily writing by three people:

  • My former therapist (and continued friend), who is a clinical social worker and certified poetry therapist
  • My writing coach and friend
  • Julia Cameron, when I read her book, The Artist’s Way

I’ve tried different strategies to try and write daily, and I’m always open to new suggestions.


750 Words

I’ve mentioned writing habits before, and my latest and greatest find comes from my writing coach: 750 Words.

In the evenings before bed, I pour my thoughts into a plain text field while trying as much as possible to refrain from editing and withholding judgment. It’s not difficult at all; the very first time I did it, it only took me about 15 minutes and I earned a star for not getting distracted. The really cool thing about this platform is that it gives you insights into your writing. Here are some stats from my first entry:


I love the idea of writing daily (or attempting to do so…don’t beat yourself up if it’s a struggle!). Someone close to me has recently become inspired to start writing more consistently, and I’m a firm believer that we find out more about ourselves through writing (especially the writing we don’t intend to share with anyone). For example, I unlocked a truth about my past and how it has affected me in the long run through a writing exercise (I’ll share that exercise in another post).


Untapped Potential

Don’t believe you’re a writer? Then let me ask you a question: who can write in a diary or journal? The answer is of course anyone, and therefore anyone and everyone can be counted as a writer. I had a hard time calling myself a writer even when I had made significant progress in writing my first novel (coming soon!), because I felt like I needed an impressive portfolio or writing jobs under my belt. Not true.

I’m reading a book on leadership called Spark, and it describes how what we don’t know about ourselves and what others don’t know about us is really our untapped potential. I love this line: “Be open to examining your beliefs about your abilities and exploring your hidden talents.”

I believe in you. And in the words of Katy Perry,


Baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what you’re worth