Poesie Perfume

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  I awoke to rain. I could hear car tires sending up sprays of water as they rolled along the drenched asphalt. The world seemed dimmer; inside felt cozy. When I did venture outside, porch lights gave a warm, ghostly … Continued

The Story of Today

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A morning latte / an evening mug of peppermint tea A walk and talk with my sister / quiet time with my journal A conversation about writing A conversation about learning A celebration of the sun    

Dark Knight

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It’s Friday, but if I’m honest, it’s #Caturday everyday at my house. I came home from work exhausted today. The past two weeks have been intense in the office and in my personal life, and I decided that immediately getting … Continued


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  For those who follow me on social media, you may have already seen this: I’m celebrating 10 years of living in the DC metro area. My mom came to visit this past weekend, and we laughed about how she … Continued


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  Today is a great day to be alive. Not just because it’s New Year’s Day, but because of the simple fact that we are alive. I don’t believe we celebrate that as often as we should…breathing becomes second nature, … Continued