When Life Knocks You Down

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A walk in the woods this weekend was nature’s prescription for rest and rejuvenation after an intense work conference in Chicago. In Chicago I was in a gorgeous hotel, spent long hours in various conference rooms, had my head bent … Continued

Happy Earth Day

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  Happy Earth Day! This year, let’s do more than recycle and refrain from littering (people who throw out cigarette butts into gutters and out of car windows, you still have work to do). Let’s vote for people who will … Continued

Seeing Pink

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  I love when someone else’s words are so beautiful they make me pause while I soak in their meaning. This past Thursday, some unknown author gave me pause when my pastor read the Eucharistic prayer. One of the lines … Continued

Exciting Update

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  I’m writing a book. Okay, you might have already known that, but there has been so much progress┬ásince I last spoke of it on the blog. This story–this great conglomeration of words and keyboard strokes and black and white … Continued