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Our ground is frozen. Even the lawn is hard and crunchy underfoot. Patches of ice cover dirt and leaves and plants, but at least our trees and plants aren’t encased in ice like they were yesterday (rain + freezing temperatures = plant popsicles with a side of icicles).

Well, some of our trees still have an icy armor over their bark.



It’s beautiful to see, though I hope it’s not harming the trees. Even more wondrous are the determined little plants poking up from the ice and the frozen ground, searching for the sun and braving the cold because of the promise of spring.



I checked on my Japanese maple today. A friend from church helped me rescue this little guy from the middle of an azalea bush, and I hoped so much that he would survive the winter. I worried about him with all of the ice we had yesterday, but I think this little fighter is going to pull through.



I enjoy being outside, even in the winter. A few minutes without gloves reminded me how bitter the temperature is, and I am constantly hydrating to fight dry, cracked skin. Still, there’s so much beauty in winter, and I think it’s often missed when we don’t want to endure the discomfort.

As for some in my household, they’ll watch the season shift from the warmth of a window, thank you very much.



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