Autumn at Mount Vernon

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Autumn and winter cocktails are the best. Who doesn’t love hot apple cider with a healthy dose of brandy? It’s the perfect thing to sip on with lunch before you brave the crisp autumn air and walk around Mount Vernon. My sis and I skipped the mulled wine and made it ourselves at home (red wine + honey + cinnamon sticks + cloves = heaven). The Mount Vernon Inn never disappoints; it remains one of my fave places to take visitors from out of town for a bite to eat (their brunch is fabulous).



The first time we met Aladdin the Christmas camel (an annual holiday treat for Mount Vernon visitors) was on a super cold New Year’s Day. This time the chill in the air wasn’t quite as hostile.



Do the leaves left on autumn trees ever look like nature’s Christmas ornaments? Or am I the only weirdo that sees that?



Any time I see a holly tree, I burst into song (in my head). The George Winston version of The Holly and the Ivy from the December album is my favorite rendition.



Touring the house never gets old for me.



I so very badly wanted to see the little piglets that arrived in the spring, but sadly I never got around to seeing them. I wonder if this little guy was one of the piggies!



I love Mount Vernon year-round (it’s why I’m a member), but of course it’s especially fun at the holidays. I learn something new each time I visit, and this past trip my sister and I were tickled to discover that the actress who portrays Martha Custis (who would become Martha Washington) in the introductory film at the visitor’s center is the actress who played Peter Pan’s wife in Hook! Hook is an old fave of ours and Caroline Goodall does a fine job as Martha Custis/Washington and Moira Banning.

It’s the little things in life.



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