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I awoke to rain. I could hear car tires sending up sprays of water as they rolled along the drenched asphalt. The world seemed dimmer; inside felt cozy. When I did venture outside, porch lights gave a warm, ghostly glow in the grey mist that enveloped the morning. It was a deliciously moody beginning to the day, and it felt like the perfect day to try my new Poesie Perfume scents from the Thornfield collection.

I’ve blogged about Poesie Perfume before, and over the holidays I treated myself to some new scents:

  • Thornfield: burned wood and lingering smoke, new Vanille accord, the barest hint of pumpkin pie spices
  • Myself Invisible: stacked books, spilled ink, black tea, shy violets hiding deep in the forest



Not only do these two scents smell incredible on their own, they are perfectly suited to layering with one another, which is what I did today. Joelle’s Thornfield collection was released last year, late in summer (when storms crash through the climax of hot days and, once again, the weather is moody…I’m a fan of stormy weather). Joelle’s inspiration for her collection can be found here and here.

I also sampled two other scents that are divine:

  • Eggnog Noel: creamy custard, opulent vanilla, warm nutmeg, a splash of French cognac (seasonal – currently unavailable)
  • Messe de Minuit (translates to Midnight Mass): church incense, balsam fir, worn wooden pews, sugared cranberries (seasonal – currently unavailable)



Her collection is ever changing and the magic she creates never ceases to amaze me. Joelle has just released a new collection for spring, and it’s inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing: it’s called Fantastical Banquet and it sounds, well, fantastic. Three cheers to creative genius and yummy scents!


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  1. Joelle

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying these! We’ll have to do a smell-a-thon with the Fantastical scents the next time you’re in town. ❤️

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