Scottsdale, Arizona

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  First work meeting of the year is done. Well, not quite, but almost. I’ve been preparing for this meeting so long, and now that it’s past, I’m still wondering where the time... READ MORE

The Story of Today

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  Our ground is frozen. Even the lawn is hard and crunchy underfoot. Patches of ice cover dirt and leaves and plants, but at least our trees and plants aren’t encased in ice... READ MORE

Poesie Perfume

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  I awoke to rain. I could hear car tires sending up sprays of water as they rolled along the drenched asphalt. The world seemed dimmer; inside felt cozy. When I did venture... READ MORE

The Story of Today

A morning latte / an evening mug of peppermint tea A walk and talk with my sister / quiet time with my journal A conversation about writing A conversation about learning A celebration... READ MORE

Dark Knight

It’s Friday, but if I’m honest, it’s #Caturday everyday at my house. I came home from work exhausted today. The past two weeks have been intense in the office and in my personal... READ MORE


  For those who follow me on social media, you may have already seen this: I’m celebrating 10 years of living in the DC metro area. My mom came to visit this past... READ MORE


  Today is a great day to be alive. Not just because it’s New Year’s Day, but because of the simple fact that we are alive. I don’t believe we celebrate that as... READ MORE

Snuggle Brothers

Kitties, it’s cold outside! The highs this week have been in the twenties. Snow flurries have danced throughout the region, and I don’t want to stay outside too long if I can help... READ MORE