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  In yesterday’s post on Reykjavík, I mentioned a wonderful Lutheran church called Hallgrímskirkja at the top of a hill. It’s magnificent.     That’s famed explorer Leif Eriksson standing in front of the largest church in... READ MORE

Exploring Reykjavík

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  For my recent trip to Iceland, my fam and I stayed in a wonderful Airbnb house in Reykjavík, not far from downtown and in a quiet neighborhood with a resident neighborhood black cat... READ MORE

Extraordinary Iceland

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  I just spent two weeks gallivanting in Iceland and England, and it feels so good and so bad to be home. I missed my guy, my cats, and my bed, but coming... READ MORE

Summer Magic

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  Summer is magical. The sun lingers at the end of long days. Fireflies light up the night at the moonrise. Honeysuckle beckons at the edge of woods. Skin is dewy. Your hair... READ MORE

A Book is Born

  It really does feel surreal to say I’m an author. But there, I’ve said it, and my book is out there in the universe. That’s right! The Mornings is available on Amazon,... READ MORE