A Book is Born

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  It really does feel surreal to say I’m an author. But there, I’ve said it, and my book is out there in the universe. That’s right! The Mornings is available on Amazon,... READ MORE

The Case for a Simpler Wedding

  It’s wedding season! People are sending invitations, making travel plans, buying dresses, and trying on shoes to see if they’re comfy while dancing. I’ll preface this post by saying this: if your... READ MORE

When Life Knocks You Down

A walk in the woods this weekend was nature’s prescription for rest and rejuvenation after an intense work conference in Chicago. In Chicago I was in a gorgeous hotel, spent long hours in... READ MORE

Happy Earth Day

  Happy Earth Day! This year, let’s do more than recycle and refrain from littering (people who throw out cigarette butts into gutters and out of car windows, you still have work to... READ MORE

Seeing Pink

  I love when someone else’s words are so beautiful they make me pause while I soak in their meaning. This past Thursday, some unknown author gave me pause when my pastor read... READ MORE