Good Eats in San Francisco

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One thing I love about traveling for work is trying new places to eat. I’m half Mexican, my stepdad is a chef, and my stepdad’s mother is Italian. I was born to love... READ MORE

Scenes from San Francisco

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  While a snowstorm struck the Northeast, we took to the streets of San Fran to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a much-needed break during a super hectic work season. I’ve been... READ MORE

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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  This is my jam right now! A super healthy breakfast/snack that tastes great and is filling? Sold!   Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 1 cup nut milk of choice 1 – 1.5 frozen banana(s)... READ MORE

Calvert Cliffs

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  I went to Calvert Cliffs for the first time this past weekend. I didn’t find any fossils, but I did connect with some fellow hikers. It’s fun to meet strangers and find... READ MORE


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  This time last week I was on vacation. My sister, her fiance, and I went on walks frequently, and on one of our walks the fiance told my sister and me that... READ MORE


  How’s life? Yesterday and today have been super lazy days (outside of the office; at work, I’m slammed). I’ve been receiving allergy shots for a few weeks now, and though I haven’t... READ MORE

The Gift of Books

  I began reading at age four and haven’t stopped since. For two years in a row, my husband and I have found ourselves in bookstores two days before Christmas, and each year he... READ MORE

Latest Favorites

In the coldest months of the year I find myself craving hot soup, bread, and pasta. Nothing like an extra layer of padding to help keep you warm, right?! I’ve traded smoothies for English... READ MORE