San Diego in September

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A work conference is so much more than that when you’re in San Diego in September. Everything is sun-kissed. Cool breezes coming off the water make you want to find the nearest hammock... READ MORE


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  Ah, Pittsburgh…the beautiful city full of bridges… Wait, I went to Pittsburgh? I almost forgot! Actually, I did forget until I stumbled across these photos on my computer. I was there in... READ MORE

Poesie Perfume

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I have something wonderful and magical to share with you. It comes in a small bottle but it has a powerful effect. It can change your day in a moment, evoke memories, and... READ MORE

Scenes from England

It’s been just over a month since we returned from our Iceland and England trip, and as I wrap up the end of this summer travel series, I wanted to include a few... READ MORE

Dover Castle

  I wasn’t feeling well the day we went to Dover Castle. I had a headache, I was tired, my throat was scratchy, and deep down I was probably sad that our vacation... READ MORE

Beamish Colliery & School

  I didn’t expect “the pit” to be my favorite place in Beamish, but I think it might have been. We were running out of time but wanted to see inside the mine... READ MORE

Beamish Printer & Confectioner

Two of my favorite places in Beamish were the printing/publishing house and the confectioner. Paper and chocolate: right up my alley!     The printing press still works! The newspaper branch office is... READ MORE


  I have to dedicate three blog posts to Beamish because it’s so cool (and because I took way too many photos in Beamish). What is Beamish, you ask? It’s an open air... READ MORE