Vida Pour Tea

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  In my last post, I mentioned Vida Pour in Greensboro, North Carolina. Don’t pass up a chance to visit this eclectic, charming, beautiful little nook in downtown and enjoy a delicious and... READ MORE

Adventures in Greensboro

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I’m about to travel to Greensboro for my sister’s wedding, and I’m already planning to revisit some places I’ve discovered there for good eats. I’m also curious to see how autumn looks there…it’s... READ MORE

Solomons Island, Maryland

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Solomons Island is a small village in Maryland where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay. Two gal pals and I drove over to enjoy the Patuxent River Appreciation Day (also called PRAD), squeezing... READ MORE

San Diego in September

A work conference is so much more than that when you’re in San Diego in September. Everything is sun-kissed. Cool breezes coming off the water make you want to find the nearest hammock... READ MORE


  Ah, Pittsburgh…the beautiful city full of bridges… Wait, I went to Pittsburgh? I almost forgot! Actually, I did forget until I stumbled across these photos on my computer. I was there in... READ MORE

Poesie Perfume

I have something wonderful and magical to share with you. It comes in a small bottle but it has a powerful effect. It can change your day in a moment, evoke memories, and... READ MORE

Scenes from England

It’s been just over a month since we returned from our Iceland and England trip, and as I wrap up the end of this summer travel series, I wanted to include a few... READ MORE